5 days of Rebalancing the Body

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  • In this 5 day class we will come to understand and allow how our physical body – once we get out of the way, with trying to fix it, with holding on to old karmic stories, ancient belief systems and traumas – it will start rebalancing and rejuvenating itself.
  • Every session will be like a meditation, a conscious breathing experience of allowing our awareness to expand and allowing the body to do it’s job.
  • This series goes hand in hand with the 🧡 Soften your Body🧡 series , so if you want a full experience addressing your physical biology, make sure to tune in to both.


Day  1 Intelligence of the Body 

In this first session Elléyah is having a discussion in the beginning about how the body has the innate capability to rebalance and rejuvenate and all the factors that influence it. Then the session flows into a beautiful conscious breathing experience where you have the occasion to reconnect with your Body’s Intelligence.

Day 2 Be the Safe Space

Feeling safe in these times when the world seems to be going crazy might not be so easy to achieve.
Creating and holding the Safe Space is a skill that you develop one breath at a time. It is a sensation that you allow yourself to arrive into, breath by breath, second by second.

Elléyah is holding a session where you are invited to feel on a deep level the magic of the Safe Space, and what a joy that you can relisten to the session as many times as you wish, as you build your practice of being in your own Safe Space.

Once you allow it, the Rebalance and Rejuvenation of the Body comes as the natural evolution of it.

Day 3 Journey Into Imagination & Standard Cell

You probably know how much I love to spend time into the Sense of Imagination, & probably the fact that ‘imagination & choice create reality’.
In this session we do a little stretching in the beginning of the session, we work with the Standard Cell and we flow away in the Realm of Senses. Truly a delight for your sensual nature! 🧡

Day 4 Garden of Beauty & Blanket of Forgiveness

Day 4 has been all about experiences into Acceptance and Forgiveness – both at noon with the Soften your Body series and in the evening, with the Rebalance your Body session.
After a short physical stretching we dive deep into the Imagination, arrive in the Garden of Beauty and each of you receives a precious gift from your Soul. In preparation for Session 5.

Day 5 The Light Body

The last session of this class is recommended to be listened together with the session 4.
We address the light body – what it is, why it is, what it means. We take a journey back to the beginning and we experience how it was to be compressed and condensed under pressure all the way down here, on Earth, in a physical body and then we allow for the two bodies to start dancing with one another. Only available once you open to the Forgiveness and Acceptance of you (the 2 sessions from day 4).

Thank You All for making this class possible!

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  1. Dori

    In the summer of 2022, I ask questions arising from the state of my body, and they lead me to meet the answers at deep levels of feeling myself in and through the body, discovering the opening soft touch, relaxing self-massage, creating a safe space, seeing with the inner eye of a standard cell as a guide regenerate the body according to its natural intelligence, communicate feeling with every part of your body and loving it with gratitude. It is entering closed, hidden, withdrawn, blocked areas, squeezed by guilt, shame, fear, haste and rejection, it is entering into one’s own innocence, fragility, delicacy, tenderness, gentleness, sensitivity. I choose a series of rebalance the body sessions for myself knowing that this is exactly what all of me wants / needs, waits for a long time for. Elleyah naturally creates a trust-enhanced safe space where such a deep intimate experience of self happens beautifully for and through me. Tenderness and gentleness to myself as well as peculiar and attentive communication with the body become natural ‘awake’ attributes of my everyday life. This is a milestone in recognizing the beauty of the wisdom of the body through which I express myself – I manifest the light of my being. This is also my last step in the Copernican revolution regarding the so-called diseases that keep a person strongly dependent on looking for causes and solutions outside, in others, and maintaining the role of the victim and the idea of “fighting” with the disease, which always comes down to fighting with yourself and rejecting yourself.
    Now I am naturally me ackowledge my body, listen it, and treat it with absolute trust in its own wisdom.
    Thank you Elleyah that you are YOU.

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