5 days to Soften the Body




Day 1 Conscious Movement

It is so important, especially in this journey of realization, enlightenment to give yourself the time to connect with the Body. Your Body is going through a tremendous amount of change, releasing ancient stuck energy, like belief systems, karma, wounds, and if you take the time to be Soft, Gentle and Breathe consciously, you will help this process to flow smoothly.

In this session Elléyah is doing a guided experience of conscious movement & stretching, which gives one the opportunity to become aware of stuck energy points and to release them. Those present at the session have reported to cry and feel balanced and aware at the end of the session.

Day 2 Self Massage 

How long has it been since you touched yourself? How long has it been since you allowed yourself to be intimate with yourself, to breathe deep and have the courage to be present in your body?
In this session Elléyah is guiding you into a beautiful soft and gentle session of self-love through your Soft Feathery Touch that flows breath by breath into a deeper tissue self massage.

Truly a time to celebrate your body and to offer it the praise that it deserves ❣️

Day 3 Stretching & Toning

This session is all about reconnecting with your body through conscious stretching and vocal toning.
From a scientific perspective, this combination of light movement, conscious breathing and vocal toning is what activates the Vagus Nerve which is responsible for the ‘rest and digest ‘ state of being.
From a conscious perspective, those allowing their realization in this lifetime seem to be, at times, disconnected from their bodies, which just makes this whole process a lot harder and cumbersome.
This session is a beautiful invitation to add another brick to the bridge between you & your biology.

Day 4 Acceptance & Forgiveness

A beautiful session of conscious movement that then flows into a guided experience of Acceptance and Forgiveness of your Soul.

Day 5 Embodying Softness

A practical session where we allow ourselves to embody and become Softness herself…Gentleness herself…and Stillness as well.
Done with deep breaths, under my guidance of conscious movement, ever so gently, ever so softly, ever so simply…

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