5 days of Choosing Gratitude

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A 5 day experience where we explore the different pathways to Gratitude. We start with the magic of Acknowledgement, we continue with the importance of Accepting this as they are, and in day 3 we talk about how Expectations can limit your creation. Next day we dive deep into what Change is and how it is important to let the old die, so that the new you can be born. And after all the expanded awareness from the previous sessions settles in, the question comes :

Now, Can You Receive all the Gifts that life has to offer?

All sessions are about 30 minutes long. They include a short discussion in the beginning and then a conscious breathing guided experience with carefully selected music in the background, for you to flow with it and allow all the gifts available for you.


2 reviews for 5 days of Choosing Gratitude

  1. Dori

    This serie of these five sessions is the way to deepest me, to the bigger picture of my storyline.
    To look and see in the ‘big picture’ my stories, my beliefs, as a result of my (consciously unconscious) choice, recognize them as ‘signs’ on the way of waking up from the dream of universal consciousness, and in that moment to remain in a state of gratitude, it’s CHOOSING yourself because everything is MY choice, what was, what is, what could be, what will be at one point of IAM, which chooses this or that and can always choose any other experience. Acknowledge and acceptance are a key moment in the flow of energies that naturally serve man, heading towards their neutral form. I choose joy, lightness, I also choose suffering, and all choices are based on my patterns and beliefs and traumas and desires. Each of them I can release in an act of appreciation and gratitude, and as a result it is always an act dedicated to myself, an act of understanding, an act of forgiveness, an act of love.
    It is gratitude to myself in all that I am, what I have at my disposal, gratitude to everything and everyone, the simplest and first gratitude for choosing a sensual life here and now to experience beauty with all your senses.
    It is seeing what blocks me, what holds me back, what gives me wings, what and how causes evaluation and rejection, and that what is rejected most demands recognition.
    Gratitude is an act of embracing and loving, and it leads to clarity and taking responsibility for myself.
    All happens in intimacy wide safe space created and hosted by Elleyah, what I naturally chosen with aboslute trust.
    Beatiful experience, ana amazing process of shifting

  2. Cristina

    Beeing grateful in difficult times isn’t easy for me. Listening to Elleyah’s sessions reminds me that accepting and beeing grateful for every experience, exactly as it is, is the best way to center and balance myself, so I can overcome difficulty in a more gentle, less painful way.
    The safe space created by Elleyah and her gentle tone of voice helps me center and remind myself that all is well.
    Thank you🙏

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