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Letting go of wounds, traumas, family energy, relationships, lifetimes etc. may seem at first an easy thing to do. Especially if it wasn’t a positive experience, then you really feel you wanna be over with. But even then, at times, as you try to let go, you still find a small reason to not let go fully. You start seeing it wasn’t all THAT bad and it got you where you are right now and…here you are again not releasing that experience from it’s story once again. 

I’m going to speak only from my personal experience and what I’ve seen while assisting others, so my perception might be different than yours – and I’m open to hearing what You have to say about this subject as well!

With that, let’s start. When I say stages or phases of Letting go, it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily happening in a linear way. Nothing is linear, and you may find yourself experiencing these stages at any point, for everything is actually circular, and more so than that it’s happening at the same time. When you’re beyond time-space. Alright. 🙂

The first stage of letting go is usually made up of some anger, you feel you’ve been mistreated, you’re sick of the experience, and you just wanna vent, get it over it. It has in itself some sort of struggle. It may feel you’re kinda working at it. You’re trying to convince yourself you want to do this. Maybe some opposing Aspects come by and show you why it was actually a nice experience and how you actually enjoyed / still enjoy it. And then you become upset with yourself for realizing you enjoyed the experience, and you deny that, and you struggle even more to let go.

This is a very important phase, nonetheless! At least you’re trying to let go, you know? You’re willing to do it.

What’s missing here is the Acceptance. Coming to peace with yourself for what happened. The acceptance that – yeah – you actually did enjoy a hell out of that experience, it felt amazing, and your Human, given the chance would do it all over and over again. 

So the next phase in this case would be that you get kinda tired of trying to let go and not succeeding, and in that beautiful moment of being tired, or even exhausted, you actually start to truly let go.

With this tiredness comes the Acceptance as well. You give up using reasons why it was a good or bad experience and you finally hear your Soul whispering – hey, relax. It was Just an Experience! Let’s leave it at that. Don’t add anything else to it. Take a deep breath and let go. 

As the releasings take place within yourself, you might have reoccurring dreams. Where you dream yourself in those exact situations or energy that you’re choosing to let go of. You may be dreaming the people you’ve had those experiences with and you might even find yourself finding reasons why to not let go of it!

As a personal story, as I was making some steps these days into getting out of the dentistry field, I woke up from a dream where I was working as a dentist and I even said in the dream – oh well, who knows, maybe in 10, 15 years I’ll get back to it and be a teeth doctor once again. This is a perfect example of an Aspect still trying to survive, unable to do it in the physical, but doing it in a dream.

What to do? Well, trust that it’s happening and have an honest discussion with yourself and see where that 1% of doubt and not wanting to fully release the experience is.

Well, these are some of the phases of letting go, and then there’s the quantum letting go or the quantum allowing.

Where you end up in a place of truly being filled with each and all the experiences you ever had, and you’re truly ready, from the bottom of your heart, to let go of the Human Experience altogether. You’re in that space of total Acceptance of what was. In a space of I don’t care anymore about anything. I know 10000% I’m here for my Realization and I’m willing to do whatever it takes. And with a few deep breaths, without even trying, thinking or wishing, you just let go. You let go of all the lies, illusions, games. You’ve emptied your back pockets. You’ve been honest and vulnerable with it all and you’re in this state of being constantly.

It feels like the Human finally surrendering to the I Am. Finally tired and at peace enough with himself to not care, to not listen to the aspect’s stories anymore, but just in a state of full Acceptance, Surrender, Allowing and, most important, Trusting that it’s all being taken care of.

Mmm, what a sweet feeling indeed!

And as I said, everything happening in  a circular manner, I found myself in all of these phases, and even more maybe, which I haven’t written about right now. There’s days and days, and it’s not a finish line. It’s not a right way or a wrong way to do it.
It just is. 

 It’s your way, and you get to decide every moment, with every breath, where you want to be.


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