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Flow on the River of Consciousness

Because no matter what’s going on in your life, a deep breath in the belly is the solution.

And then another breath, relaxing the body, followed by another breath, relaxing the mind.

And another deep breath, in acceptance of where you are and acknowledgement of yourself.

An experience on the River of your Consciousness sustained by the deep and Conscious Breath. It is a Safe Space for those on the beautiful journey of self-realization, where we come together to

  • discuss & share the sensual experiences, the struggles, the realizations and aha! moments
  • shine the Light of Your Consciousness with kindred spirits
  • laugh and make light of whatever situation, because we know that this, too, shall pass
  • Open up in total Trust & Allow, like the true Merlins do

What to expect?

We start with the discussion & sharing part, where I invite you to share whatever you feel is appropriate, regarding your experiences about your self-realization journey. If you don’t feel like sharing anything, you can just make a suggestion about what topic you’d like to feel more into, during the breathing part.

When everyone is done sharing, we gently flow into the expanded journey on the River of your Consciousness, with the sweet support of the Conscious Breath. This is a guided journey where I channel my Self and all the other beings present at the session. I never know what comes out of my mouth and where it leads to, so it’s always exciting to see where we end up. What a beautiful expression of Trust! 💛

The breathing experience usually lasts between 30 – 45 min.

When the journey on the River of your Consciousness is coming to an end, you have the option to either stay on the call and share what you experienced, or you can sign off and keep breathing by yourself.

The full session is usually recorded, and in the next few days you receive the recording with music added on the background. On special requests, we can skip recording the discussion & sharing part, although you might enjoy relistening to it sometime!  

Here you can find the Previous Session

Open to Trust

An experience of simply opening to Trust. Take a deep breath and open up…

Into Nothingness

An experience beyond cause and effect, beyond limitation, needs, wants, desires and human agenda. One breath at a time, feeling your own Nothingness, Emptiness, and allowing yourself to just let go.

Passion to Exist

Take a deep breath and sit back… Relax and come with me on a journey that unfolds itself with every breath.

Letting go

Every now and then there comes the beautiful time of death, of change. A time for new and stepping beyond what is.

Relax into the Body

A gentle breathing session, where we start with relaxing the body, one breath at a time, reaching the calmness and ease. Relaxing, expanding and stepping into Trust.

Open up, Allow & Receive

A session in which those present were already in a state of Abundance, so we decided to go even deeper into the experience of Opening up, Allowing and Receiving even more. Receiving all of it, for it is all yours, anyway!

Feel your Presence

An opportunity to relax and give yourself permission to feel your Presence, to receive in your body, mind and all this physical reality. An opportunity for you to feel how All is indeed Well in all of your creation and how the spirit never judges you for any of the situations.

Into the Rooms of Consciousness

With the help of the deep and Conscious Breath, step by step coming to a state of relaxation & awareness, we ventured into some amazing rooms of consciousness. From the room of Joy, Worthiness, Peace, all the way to the rooms of I Exist, I know that I know and All is well in all of creation.

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