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Embrace your Darkness

𝐄𝐦𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐃𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 is a 10 day experience where we open up and embrace all the parts and pieces of you. The parts and pieces of you that you’ve been afraid to look at, that you’ve run away from, all those unintegrated aspects and things that you didn’t want to recognize.​


This is a very sacred and deep experience. Things will change, (your) energy will move and your darkness will come. Please be sure you allow yourself time and space to have this experience.


Every day we address a different aspect of what this invitation may bring into your life, from the guilt, shame and remorse to anxiety, losing your mind, feeling lost and not wanting to continue anymore. Each session is accompanied by music carefully selected to serve the experience.


For the brave ones, that are taking responsibility for their creation and are done playing with the victim energy, welcome to this sacred experience!

Watch the first 3 episodes

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Invite your Essence

The Beauty of Darkness

Receive your I AM


Declan McCaron

Such a deep experience of opening up and allowing. To find the words is hard, there was so much. Feeling very low, fragile in my body and mind, and also joy.

There were changes in my life, old games, I was playing in my reality, were stripped away. Which was very difficult. And now I can see them in a new light, which is very beautiful.

Now weeks later, I would say the return to the love of self, has been the most clear Realization. It has always been. I guess in a sense, it's like polishing the jewel, many deep layers of old programming / stories, resurfacing,
releasing / clearing, in this amazing time of Embodied Realization & Merlin.


I can say that I wasn't expecting to meet my dragon once again! But, this time it was very different! Lots of memories came up, lots of stories: some from this lifetime, some from past lifetimes. I remember before I would run from these stories and not truly love them, but this time, I've seen them from another point of consciousness, I've seen the beauty in them....

Thank you so much for being here and for creating these masterpieces!


Listening to your voice saying the words "Your darkness is your divinity" was different than any other time I've listened to theses words.... It's like I finally fully embodied it!

And that's one thing that happened so many times while listening to your sessions, it's like "the final point". You have so much wisdom and you always use the perfect words in the perfect moment that activate that shift of consciousness, and of course,
you hold a Magical Safe Space!


I literally asked out loud for the demons to come out of the dark rooms and what I've seen was a horde of walking dead! Like old aspects so tired of fighting (just like I was tired of fighting them). As I let the light shine through them, they dissolved, their very very old bones turning into ashes, a beautiful scene!

I have also had many realizations through this 2 episodes and I am breathing by myself as well!
Again, thank you so much, dear Master Elleyah! ️

Antonya LionsWriter at Evoking Grace

I often find that denying ourselves the gift of embracing all of us... the good, the bad, and what's in between... we never truly live.
It's just a half life, hoping not to screw up, to get it wrong, or upset others.
Always tip toeing in the hope to keep all our little demons at bay.
But my beautiful, talented, and so very insightful friend Elleyah Rose offers a very different take on this.
Follow her new series and be prepared to really fall in love with yourself.
All of you.
Because there's so much space within us for all our angels and demons, and that's what makes us so "Imperfectly Splendid"

What you will get

  • access to the first three sessions in video format with extended music track for integration

  • follow-up private call 

  • 10 audio tracks with extended music for integration with the following topics:

  • Invite your Essence  | The Beauty of Darkness | Receive your I Am  |

  • Guilt and Shame | Your Grandness | Anxiety

  • Feeling Beyond | Expectations | Losing your Mind | Acknowledgement & Celebration!

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