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I can allow life to flow through me, unfiltered, because I don’t have any resistance.

I accept everything.

I am open to my energy – if some uncomfortable memory or sensation comes up, I don’t deny it, resist it. I take a deep breath and I relax, open up and feel how I Am Safe. I allow the uncomfortable memory or sensation to sit in the presence of I Am. The more it hurts, the more I open my arms. Instead of rejecting the discomfort, I choose to Know it. Deeply. Intimately.

And in time, breath by breath, I come to Know the essence of it.

And I see how the essence of it is Consciousness. The I Am.

The only way that experience could exist in the first place, is because of Consciousness.

The only way that experience could take place in the first place, is on the background of awareness which is Acceptance and Forgiveness itself.

Breath at a time… deeper and deeper.

Breath at a time…

No resistance. No seeking for a resolution.

Just Being.

Relaxing. Resting.

Resting in awareness.

Resting in consciousness.

In this resting, all polarized experience comes back to it’s natural state of being – neutrality.

I have no preference. I have no dislike or like.

I have no push or pull.

I just Am. Resting in awareness.

I don’t even need to make a choice anymore.

I just Am. Resting in awareness.

Breath at a time…

Life flows through me, unfiltered. Because I have no resistance.

And so it is. ✨️

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