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Facilitating those on their journey from Awakening to Realization is my Passion ❤️️

What you can experience in a private session with me are the following (and more)

  • gaining clarity about why and what is going on in your life right now,
  • understanding the energy dynamics of a situation you’re in, which means understanding how and why you created this in the first place, and then stepping out of it
  • creating the Safe Space and just Allowing
  • using the Conscious Breath to relax your body, mind and just Allow
  • using the Conscious Breath to integrate what we discussed in our session and the Clarity that emerged
  • using the Conscious Breath to allow the natural Rebalance and Rejuvenation of the physical body
  • having experiences of interdimensional travels and playing with the Sense of Imagination
  • stepping into a new potential
  • make a QUANTUM leap – if you so choose

What to expect expect

Our first session will be about talking, sharing, and moving the energies regarding the situation that has come up, or the situation you wish to address, all in a safe space.
It is a time to show up as a mature being that is taking responsibility for his/her creations and to allow yourself to be Honest and Open, so that you gain the Clarity about the current situation. It can lead in the end to an integration using the Conscious Breath.
If all is clear and you wish meet again, we can either have another Clarity session or we can continue with several Conscious Breathing sessions.
I know the importance of holding the safe and clear space – for I have experienced it myself. I know how helpful it is to hear another perspective that you might have not seen until then, because of the patterns that you’re stuck in. Because of the belief systems and victim energy.

Realization is not an easy thing to do, and it’s not about really doing anything! The more you think and try to move energies, the more you’re getting stuck.

A Conscious Breathing session is like a breath of fresh air, when you’re so fed up with your thoughts, and also a beautiful experience of discovering more of who you truly are.

Whatever your situation and needs are, I can tailor personalized sessions, offer tips and practices that you can do on your own. I ask you to come and meet me as a mature being. As One who takes responsibility for his/her actions. One who doesn’t complain, doesn’t play with being a victim and being willing to do anything to really remember and rediscover who you Truly are.

You are not alone on your journey. I Am Here whenever You Are Ready.

With Joy & Honor,
Lady Elleyah

I Am Here

whenever you're ready

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