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This entire month of December was a bit more special this year.

I am traveling, so I was bound to be faced with the remaining closed doors from my energy.

And I can say it came gentle… like a sweet invitation, like a whisper, like a perfume… 🌼

It’s been trying to come over the years, but I never let it come too close. It was also present at the Easter celebration this year and the year before… or maybe it’s always been there, but now I’m starting to open up more to it.

What I’m talking about here is an opening to Love.

As the Christmas season was coming, I was looking within and I chose to simply open up to the real meaning of it.

It was an Honest curiosity to know what I’ve tried not to know…
An Honest curiosity to see what I didn’t wanna see..
And Honest curiosity to feel…. to feel what I was afraid to feel, all this time.

And it comes in waves, it comes as if it rides the wind… it comes and it goes, but everytime it shows me where I could open up a little more.

It’s the sweet breeze of the Christ Consciousness.

The sweet breeze of Light.

Christos. Christ. Crystal.

The Light and the Love.

Yes, the cheesy saying that makes you roll your eyes because you’ve heard it so many times, the Light and Love.

Perhaps it’s the same thing.

I’m still a bit shy, Honestly, and I’m still taking my time to open up to it, but I know it’s Here.

I know it’s Here.

My Light. My Christed Seed of Light. Starting to open up within myself, more and more, as I Allow… as I Receive… as I relax… as I’m willing to see, feel and know whatever I’ve been too afraid to see, feel and know until now.

“You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.” – Rumi

Receiving the Light of the Christ Consciousness feels a lot like a heart-breaking — and I can understand why I’ve been so reluctant to open up.

Sometimes this sensation of overwhelm comes over me, as if… if I open up too much, I could die from all the Love that washes over me – and so, to not fry my nervous system and my body and mind, it happens in waves.




Dear friends,

Dear beings of Consciousness,

Deae beings of Light and Love,

I wish you a Merry time,

I wish you to be brave enough to open up to your Light,

And brave enough to open up to your Love –
– all this, all this that You Have Always Been, even whilst feeling Unworthy.

Allow your Heart to keep breaking, and as it breaks, allow the sweet breeze, the gentle Light of your Christ Consciousness to shine upon those broken parts.

Allow all the Separation, the fights, the conflicts – allow them to be transmuted and as you allow, you might find yourself in the overwhelming Beauty of Unity.

I wish you a Merry, Merry Christmas,

Dear beings of consciousness,

Dear beings of Love and Light.

🕯 🌟 💫 💗

With joy,
Lady Elléyah 🪷

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