5 days of Releasing Belief Systems around Suffering

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  • A 5 day experience where we explore what belief systems are, how they create our reality and then, each day, we address a different belief system.
  • We go through the ancient Guilt and Shame and see it for what it truly is, then we dive into all the Belief Systems that make up Lack, and in day 3 we continue with the feeling of Never Enough – that feeling we all know that makes us always want something more.
  • Day 4 addresses the Doubt with her favorite phrase – I don’t know – and in the final day we address the entity of Suffering, which is composed by all of the previous belief systems.
  • Each session is one hour long, with a clarity discussion in the beginning, followed by a profound guided experience, where you have the opportunity to truly release these ancient stuck energies from your being. The gift at the end of each session is the conscious choice – now that you know what you don’t want, isn’t it time to choose what you do want to experience? 

2 reviews for 5 days of Releasing Belief Systems around Suffering

  1. Cristina

    I just love Elleyah’s sessions. They go so so deep, the wisdom jewels are deeply resonating with me, and the energy is so soothing and supportive. Thank you!❤

  2. Dori

    Guilt, shame, lack, doubt, never enough – these are the elements woven into a dense web of patterns, habits, beliefs, elements woven into action programs, reasons for unconscious choices and automatic reactions. I know that they all have strong and deep energetical roots in my biology, in my mind’s systems and are noticeable only in the process of being attentive to yourself, a gentle, sensitive, understanding observer and friend, ready to invite them to a safe space, to come to the surface, to acknowledge and release. It is an act of courage, responsibility, loving yourself, no matter what.
    For me, it’s a journey through layers of emotionally heavy stories and pain of different quality towards warmth, light, lightness, gentleness. Yes, having chosen myself as the only point of reference, I choose clarity, and that choice leads to meeting Elleyah and her ability to create a safe space where I see things more clearly in the big picture, feel deeper, and cry out my grief and my amazement and relief.
    And now, after many session of breathing and allowing and releasing
    I gratefully remain in close contact with my soul and give it every day every story, every stuck, every painful game of ‘it’s the same again’, every joy, delight, questions, preferences, desires. I choose to hear her peculiar voice in the silence of my breath and let her guide me, giving my every belief system to be polished by her wisdom.

    Dear Elleyah, thank you for this great adventure where I resonate with you, , with love and trust , with ease , grace and gentleness, in own rythm

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