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There comes a time on the “Spiritual path”/Return to Self Journey/ Becoming who you truly are when … oh well, when nothing seems to work out anymore! The most prevalent symptom for me is – I become numb, and I don’t get why the old ways don’t work anymore. And I start to think ‘ what’s wrong with what I’m doing now?’

It’s a time of confusion, dizziness, uncertainty. Quite uncomfortable and very noisy in the mind. And I  don’t know what’s wrong with me. The breathing doesn’t work like it used to, the allowing is not happening.

It’s like I forgot everything I ever knew and literally nothing works out anymore.

And that’s great! That’s a reset point.

And it’s normal. The dear Human is confused because (s)he, and the Mind, they thought they figured it out. They believed they found the secret formula of doing this right.

And it worked for a while, but that’s as far as it goes.

This reset point is completely normal and there’s gonna be a lot of them! And this is a time of Celebration, again!

It’s important to remind yourself that there is no right or wrong way of doing this. 

Some techniques work out for a while, they help you, they get you where you are now. That way of doing things has served you wonderfully until now, but now it’s time for you to go further. So you will become numb for a while, and the Mind will become all chattery trying to figure it out, the Human will have the tendency to think (s)he did something wrong, and maybe feel inclined to play the victim game for a while. Cause all it’s very still, it seems like nothing is happening and the dear Human is somewhat still looking for the progression on this Realization, Enlightenment path.

So there’s two ways you can go thru this :

1) Listen to the mind, start to worry, complain and go down the rabbit hole. Basically, putting your consciousness in suffering, doubt and victim game. Or…

2) Smile and Celebrate, for you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be! It’s time for stepping into the new. Time for loving yourself and allowing yourself to feel anything that’s happening, without taking it as yours. A time to relax, have a cup of tea, or coffee, indulge in some delicious biscuits, sing and dance like a fool, paint something, do some stretching and laugh at yourself (or your partner haha).

You know, this, too, shall pass. And shall come again later on.

This Realization, Enlightenment, Return to Self thing is happening anyway.

It’s up to you how you choose to experience it.

Where you choose to put your consciousness into.

Give yourself permission to do no-thing, especially on these reset days.

After these days you will have a different perspective of everything, you will feel more empty, for some Aspects have integrated, and so there will be more space for your Sweet Essence to come closer and join you in Life. YAY!! So, you know, just…

Breathe deeply. Drink deeply of life.

 Appreciate what’s already in your Life. In your Heaven. 

Hug yourself. 

And don’t forget to smile with all your teeth! 

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