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Breathing these days and Allowing for the Free energy body to integrate bit by bit, and also making a lot of Conscious Choices (I’ll cover the magic of this in a future post) – well, I can feel the energies moving!

As you know, in this beautiful process there are a lots of aches and pains and some other times where the Mental energies, old belief systems and so forth are setting themselves free through the Head! Hence, some pretty intense migraines come your way.

My ears hurt so much, along with my jaw, teeth and tongue, and the body is feeling very unusual as well.

But, hey – it’s a time of Celebration!  Or it’s a time of Complaining. You choose.

It can be a time of being happy, knowing that old energies are being released, thus setting yourself free. A time when stories from lifetimes and lifetimes ago are leaving. A time when your DNA is finally changing. And you can see that, and have the Attitude of celebration! 


You can choose to complain, curse this damn process, whine and keep asking ‘why oh why is this happening? How long is this going to take?’ and other words such as these. 

With everything happening in your life, you can always choose where to put your consciousness. What you act out. How you act out.

You can choose to take responsability for your life (which is 100% your creation) or you can blame it on external factors.

You can choose to be a Creator.

Or you can choose to be a Victim.

Its always up to you! And, remember – whatever you choose, the energies respond accordingly!

So my dear ones, this is a reminder and an invitation to Celebrate whatever you’re creating, to relax, sit back, Breathe deeply and Allow the energies to do their thing aka serve you.

Choose to be a Master. Choose to Act like a Master. Celebrate Change. Remember this is the reason you were created. This is the reason you’re here on this planet at these times.

To radiate your Light. To be the changemakers. To shine onto new potentials. 

I’ll be back soon with the second session for the Free Energy Body!

As always, a pleasure to be sharing with you 

Happy Breathing & don’t forget to Smile! 

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