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Home is where your Heart is. Inside of you.

One of these days my father called me and asked me: when are you coming home?
And at first I was a little annoyed with the question, for he’s still not accepting that I left home for good, and moved further.. but yet again, it took me some months also to accept that it wasn’t just a runaway, get away, rebellious child type of leaving. But that’s for another story…

So I sat and breathed with this situation, for what is there to be done whenever there is a lack of clarity?
And then it came to me.. the realization. Not just the words, but the feeling, you know?

Home is when you are in peace.
In acceptance. Nourishment. Gentleness. Love. Self Love.

Home isn’t a place.

Home is a state of being. Is acceptance. And trust. Acceptance of yourself. Acceptance of whatever is happening.

Home is peace of mind. Because you integrated most of the noisy aspects.

I am never alone. I am never away. Home is one breath away. Home is one choice away.

Home is where the integration takes place. Integration of all of me. Home is when I become my own Oneness.

Home is wherever I Am.

Home is Here. Now.
Where my heart is.
Where my soul is.
Home is in the now moment, if I allow myself to feel it.

Be Home. Be Here. Be Now.

Just Be.

I am Home. I Am Here. I Am Now.

I Am. I Am That I Am.

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