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Unraveling Realization

Exploring the Infinite Mystery of the I Am That I Am

An invitation to come play with us!

Kuthumi ✲ Sarah ✲ Elleyah

The intent of this six-month program with Kuthumi, Sarah & Elleyah is to inspire a curiosity of Spirit to explore the divine ground of your true creator nature.

Self-Realization is something that occurs naturally when you are having fun.

You choose it, and then allow the infinite mysteries of being to permeate the soil of that innate and inimitable divine ground that lies dormant in all of us - simply waiting to be watered.

Sarah experienced the Return to Self in the fall of 2017, in the more than five years that have transpired, not one single day has gone by where she did not have another realization and another and another. That's a lot of realizations over 5-6 years, and she was not quite sure how to handle it all...

She has been blessed to have sovereign support in grounding these experiences- first ascended master Morya and then Kuthumi, who showed up to work with her daily since February 2020.

They have served as unparalleled guides to help her reorient herself around so many changes - all while working with a small group of luminous beings experiencing the same.

Who she was after realization could not be further from who she is today, almost six years later, and she did not get to the light body experience by working at it or being hard on herself, but rather through a disciplined curiosity of Spirit and a deep, deep passion for more and in service to all of humanity.

The only requirement to sign up for this event is a passion for knowing your Truth, a curiosity of Spirit, and a willingness to let any belief systems surround the self-realization experience to dissolve into What Is.

Free Information October Zoom Calls

October 18 + 20th (Australia/ New Zealand friendly!)

It is not required that you have had any certain experiences other than the deep deep passion for truth, life and knowing yourself as God, too.

Kuthumi is thrilled to work intimately with a small group of 8 beings choosing this embodied experience. While we will meet monthly, Kuthumi will also be working with you directly throughout the program…

There will be 2 sessions per month, over a period of 6 months, from January until June 2024.

One session – Conversations that Create – where we get to know each other, see where you’re at and receive personalized assistance from Kuthumi, Sarah and Elleyah, that will take place on Zoom for around 90 minutes and will be recorded.

The second session will be a channeled session from Kuthumi and/or Sarah and/or a recorded conscious breathing experience with Elleyah – that support everyone in this program to explore the Infinite Mystery of the I Am That I Am.

Elleyah loves to guide conscious breathing experiences with carefully beautiful selected music in the background, that serve and support you in having a shift in consciousness, going beyond the mind and giving yourself permission to go Further… and Further… and Further.

Learn more about Kuthumi and Sarah here:

You don’t have to have it all figured out to explore the infinite mystery of the I Am That I Am.

Come play with us – Kuthumi ✲ Sarah ✲ Elleyah – and you’ll see!

January – June 2024

The ‘Conversations that Create’ calls will take place in the first week of every month, on Friday.

Cost of the 6 month experience is $600 or the equivalent (in the day of payment) in €

To register or ask any questions, send an email to or use this contact form.