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The other night, during the Sunday Live Patreon calls, me and a few more beautiful beings came together and shared, laughed, shined and created together a wonderful experience about Trust. I asked each of them if they have any new year resolution and this was the common answer, alongside choosing to be even more Open to one’s energy. Which is one of the attributes of Trust!

And from there, the experience that came had such a sweet and easy flow into relaxing the body, opening up, and allowing ourselves to feel the Appreciation and Acknowledgement.

One breath at a time, the waves of Love were just pouring in the body and all over it.

One breath at a time, the body was letting go and so was the mind. One breath at a time, receiving the appreciation and acknowledgement of the I Am towards the Human, and of the Human towards the I Am.

And with each deep breath, the Trust was not even a choice, but a given. Trust was something you would just receive, allow and embody. I’m ever so grateful for these breathing sessions, for the wonderful beings that show up every Sunday, that make these experiences possible – for they are indeed a co-creation, and I’m putting a voice to it all.

And with that, I’m asking You – is there any new year resolution you have? 😃

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