Wisdomize your Month

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An experience of receiving, allowing and wisdomizing through the Conscious Breath and beautiful music.



Wisdomize your Month & Beyond is a beautiful Breathing and Allowing session. It is a time for you to be in your body and beyond, in your Safe Space and your Aeterna, at the same time. An experience of being The Point of Presence where all your soul’s experiences are being received, Wisdomize and integrated.

The session in itself is about 50 minutes long, followed by another 40 minutes of music for you to distill, breathe and integrate in your own energy. Images may show up, past and future lifetime memories may come, mind chatter, unrest, different feelings of discomfort, and also a beautiful state of Allowing, are all things you can experience during this session.


1 review for Wisdomize your Month

  1. Alba (verified owner)

    A grand gift for yourself, allowing wisdom and Aeterna, guided by Elleyah’s voice and presence. Thank you!

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