Consciousness on Earth


An experience in the Garden of your Consciousness sustained by the deep and Conscious Breath. It is a Safe Space for those on the beautiful journey of self-realization, where we come together to

discuss & share the sensual experiences, the struggles, the realizations and aha! moments

shine the Light of Your Consciousness with kindred spirits

laugh and make light of whatever situation, because we know that this, too, shall pass

Open up in total Trust & Allow, like the true Merlins do

The session will be recorded, so even if you can’t join live, you can still register and receive the session accompanied by music.

WHEN : Saturday, January 21st at 4:00pm CET



What to expect?

We start with the discussion & sharing part, where I invite you to share whatever you feel is appropriate, regarding your experiences about your self-realization journey. If you don’t feel like sharing anything, you can just listen or make a suggestion about what topic you’d like to feel more into, during the breathing part.

When everyone is done sharing, we gently flow into the expanded journey on the River of your Consciousness, with the sweet support of the Conscious Breath. This is a guided journey where I channel my Self and all the other beings present at the session. I never know what comes out of my mouth and where it leads to, so it’s always exciting to see where we end up. What a beautiful expression of Trust! 💛

The breathing experience usually lasts around 45 min. The entire experience usually lasts about 2 hours.

When the journey on the River of your Consciousness is coming to an end, you have the option to either stay on the call and share what you experienced, or you can sign off and keep breathing by yourself.

The full session is usually recorded, and in the next few days you receive the recording with music added on the background. On special requests, we can skip recording the discussion & sharing part, although you might enjoy relistening to it sometime!  

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