Breathe & Move On


This is the full recording of the special every-end-of-month-breathing-session.

November’s topic evolved into the subject of Moving On. 

This is a timeless state of being – not just something you arrive once into. One could say that you whole existence is in a continuous state of moving on, of flowing, or better yet – of allowing your times and spaces to move through you.

This topic came as a follow up to the session before (October 31st) where it was the Time to Die and Allow your Wisdom to come up. However, you can still just listen to it whenever you feel you need some support in your journey.

With that, happy breathing and enjoy your day!



Last month’s breathing topic was Death and Letting Go. And to be honest, it didn’t last just a month.
❄️This beautiful winter season is a great time to settle down, sit back and observe all the things that are ready to be released.
Whether it’s about letting go of belief systems, patterns, relationships or your identity all together, it’s simply a wonderful experience. Very uncomfortable. And scary. But after you go through it, you realize how wonderful it was.
I’ve had some deep shitty days (human perspective), where nothing made any sense, feeling hopeless, purpose-less, joy-less..well, simply disintegrating.
Those days have passed, like everything does eventually, and I’m feeling somewhat different. I know it’s going to happen again, but for now I’m feeling more.. light?
Some perspectives changed, I’ve started to accept my mind, instead of fighting it. Beyond the many layers of old I discovered there was a light of Trust, which is now starting to shine brighter and brighter.
A calm. A neutrality. Of course I still hear and feel the anxiety firing up every now and then, but I feel it’s ok to just Move On.
I’ve stayed with these parts of me that had to be released, I’ve acknowledged them, allowed myself to receive the wisdom behind them and now it’s time to just Move On. And I know I’ll be doing this again, with the next wave!
At the end of this November I invite you to join me for a Breathing session where we come together and share, connect, have some a-ha moments and then have an experience of simply Moving On. Beyond.
With Joy and Honor, looking forward to seeing you soon
Lady Elleyah 🧡

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