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Personal Cloud Classes

Because I love to do classes that are actually a full experience, addressing a certain topic.

If you want to change something in your life, you don’t just address it once, and then forget about it.

Therefore, the cloud classes you find here are 5 to 10 days experiences. Enjoy! 💛

5 days of choosing gratitude elleyah rose


  • A 5 day experience where we explore the different pathways to Gratitude. We start with the magic of Acknowledgement, we continue with the importance of Accepting this as they are, and in day 3 we talk about how Expectations can limit your creation. Next day we dive deep into what Change is and how it is important to let the old die, so that the new you can be born. And after all the expanded awareness from the previous sessions settles in, the question comes :
  • Now, Can You Receive all the Gifts that life has to offer? 
  • All sessions are about 30 minutes long. They include a short discussion in the beginning and then a conscious breathing guided experience with carefully selected music in the background, for you to flow with it and allow all the gifts available for you.

The Gratitude series was done at the same time with the 5 days of Releasing Belief Systems and compliment each other beautifully. 

5 days of releasing suffering

Release Belief Systems about Suffering

  • A 5 day experience where we explore what belief systems are, how they create our reality and then, each day, we address a different belief system.
  • We go through the ancient Guilt and Shame and see it for what it truly is, then we dive into all the Belief Systems that make up Lack, and in day 3 we continue with the feeling of Never Enough – that feeling we all know that makes us always want something more.
  • Day 4 addresses the Doubt with her favorite phrase – I don’t know – and in the final day we address the entity of Suffering, which is composed by all of the previous belief systems.
  • Each session is one hour long, with a clarity discussion in the beginning, followed by a profound guided experience, where you have the opportunity to truly release these ancient stuck energies from your being. The gift at the end of each session is the conscious choice – now that you know what you don’t want, isn’t it time to choose what you do want to experience? 

Soften the Body

  • In a world where everyone is telling you to push harder, be strong & keep it together, I dare to invite you to take stop, take a deep breath and allow yourself to Soften.
  • Giving your nervous system a break and allowing yourself to just be, just breathe and move from within.
  • In these 5 days we will give ourselves the opportunity to switch from keeping it together to letting it all fall apart, through the conscious breath, conscious movement, some self massage.
  • Each session is about 50 minutes long.
5 days to soften the body elleyah rose
5 days to rebalance the body elleyah rose

Rebalance your Body

  • In this 5 day class we will come to understand and allow how our physical body – once we get out of the way, with trying to fix it, with holding on to old karmic stories, ancient belief systems and traumas – it will start rebalancing and rejuvenating itself.
  • Every session will be like a meditation, a conscious breathing experience of allowing our awareness to expand and allowing the body to do it’s job.
  • Each session is about 50 minutes long.

This series goes hand in hand with the 🧡 Soften your Body🧡 series , so if you want a full experience addressing your physical biology, make sure to tune in to both

8 days of Self Love

  • Loving yourself is the hardest thing a Human will do on Earth.
  • It requires one to be so open and vulnerable, that all the unloved, rejected, hated parts of your self will come up to be seen, accepted and released.
  • With this 8 days series you have the support and safe space to give yourself the permission to dive even deeper into your heart and finally break it open.
  • Each session is about 50 minutes long.

Flowing on the River of Consciousness

  • Experiences where different topics relevant for those on their journey into Realization are addressed.
  • Every session will be like a meditation, a conscious breathing experience of allowing our awareness to expand and allowing the body to do it’s job.
  • Each session is about 50 min – 1 hour long.