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My  mission and passion is for everyone to be able to feel their divinity here on Earth. For everyone to have access to remembering who they are. And I’m not the only one!
In my journey here on Earth I’ve met other beings with whom I share this same massion, and we happened to collaborate. Here I share what we were able to create together. Enjoy!

I Am Serena

The topic of Aspect Integration is one very dear to me and an essential experience for those that are choosing and allowing their Realization or Enlightenment. Serena's journey is a touching and deeply transformative one, so it was my joy and honor to help translate her book in Romanian, alongside my partner.

" Raised in a satanic cult and subjected from infancy to covert mind-control experiments, I developed over three hundred unique personalities in my courageous fight to stay alive. Through the guidance of my Soul and the commitment of one woman, I was able to integrate and set myself free from the darkness of my past. This is my story. " - Serena-Faith Masterson


Lady Elleyah & Master Be

Both me and my partner, Master Be, have the Passion and Joy to assist awakened beings into their Freedom, and from this wish to be of Service we have created a database of consciousness materials that keeps growing and growing.

Whether you feel like joining us for some Wisdomous Chats recorded on the beach on the beautiful land of Greece, tuning in and letting your Consciousness UNLEASH, or you want to know more about how to have Conscious Relationships, we got you covered.

You can read more about Consciousness UNLEASHED and Conscious Relationships on Master Be's website. Recently we decided to release the sessions for free, on a weekly basis, so you can find the free ones so far on his YouTube channel.


Consciousness Videos for Sarah & Kuthumi (Lauren Hutton)

" Energy and consciousness coalesce, creating New Energy.

It's free and its all yours!

When soul (energy) and spirit (consciousness) coalesce, a bridge forms between humanity and divinity individualized.

In other words, the content here covers what's beyond 'bus stop realization' and explores the channels of undiluted luminosity.

What lies beyond the initial self-realization experience, or simply ending the reincarnation cycle, and staying on Earth.

My given name is Lauren Hutton, but I have always been Sarah.

In this incarnation as a point of light, I teach from direct experience of fully inhabiting consciousness.

I also share information and stories from my friends, Kuthumi - an ascended master/ magus who walked Earth for 24 years after realization, and El Morya, who doesn't like a story so much.

We are LOVE with YOU.
Na-Ma-Staaaayyyy-on-Earth! Namastayonearth.
Said like "I'm gonna stay on Earth" "
- Sarah & Kuthumi & Morya (Lauren Hutton)